İm a female student from mimar sinan fine arts university (24 years old) and i am searching for a female flatmate for my house from march on.

House‘s location is very central- 2 minutes to kadıköy centre, 10 minutes to marmara university (both göztepe and acıbadem, ) 30 minutes to mimar sinan fine arts university ( fast ferryboat, you can reach easily to taksim too (there is night busses for ex. 112(taksim-beşiktaş) is also passing by on day time) caddebostan beach is very close to my house too. (15 minutes by minibuses. 2 minutes away there is a big shopping mall (carrefour (markets, dia, mopaş and etc. Also lots of banks and restaurants are around. 5 minutes by walking to kadıköy nightlife. So the location has easy transportation to every common districits of ıstanbul (you can take metrobus (2 min. By walking) then you can reach to european side of istanbul and far locations on asian side, subway (5 min by walking, buses (only seconds by walking), train (2 min. By walking, ferries (5 min by walking) ) and house’s area is very safe for a female. The location is quite and peace. The people are respect about noise. So that you can sleep and study in the room quietly.

House has 2 bedrooms (ı am living in the other room, one kitchen, one bathroom and a very tiny room (you can put your packages or somethings. The flat has everything that you will need. All the kitchen stuff, washing machine, refrigirator, ironing, cleaning and drying stuff etc, unlimited wireless internet connection, 24 hours hot-water, central heating. The rent is 600 trl all included (bills included too. İt will required every 2 nd of a month. No depozit. Female erasmus students or foreign long term exchange students are very welcome!

Room has one single bed, one wardrobe, one table to study and pc, satallite tv ( blanket, pilow, chair, carpet and curtains included) the room is very lightly and it takes the morning sun. And there is a townscape from the window. Room has a balcony too. Room is around 11 m2 i will soon add photos.

Please contact for further informations or questions. If you send me your fb link or mail adress it would be better to commınicate. İ would like to help you in this biig big city. :)



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