i’m yasemin. I speak # and #.

Live in an # 3+1, in 3 rd floor but 5 th floor from one side. Its sunny and shinny in any time of the day. Has a french # in the living room, where two or even three people can sit and chat. Entrance is quite big so its almost like the second living #.

Washing machine, #, fridge, owen, coffee machine, kitchen equipment, #, everything is in common use. U just have to buy your bed to start living in the room. Or we can deal about the bed, maybe i can buy also.

The room i # is almost 15 sqm. Has a gardrobe and a single # (just bought, doesnt seem in the photos) carpet and curtains. #. It has a nice city #.

# is big and nice. Heating is gas ( # ). The # is big enough, and has lovely and positive energy. :)

neighbourhoud is nice and modern. House is 5 min. To # # station. And by walk 20 min to #, 15 min by walk to # and # #.

Also there will be one more furnished room to rent in a week. Please contact for details.

İletişim: Yasemin Karabulut

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