İ’m a 30 years old bank officer and live alone for a while in my home. My home is a penthouse has 2 small room and the house has everthing in it... One for rent but no payment at all.. İ just want to improve my english skills. So, i also pay the bills actually..

You can only come with your toothbrush and clothes. :))

erasmus students or travelers or workers who came from another country to turkey and live the istanbul city.. İ m looking for you to share my home.. You can stay from 3 days up to 6 mounts..

İf you want to learn more about my home / location / me, you can ask everthing just writing to my e-mail or send massages from watsapp.. İ answer it when i’m available...

Have a nice day my friend!..

İletişim: Recep Coşkun

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How much are you renting?
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